Make Money Giving Away Free Stuff

You have often heard that people make money

giving away free stuff. But, how does this work?


You give away something of value, then, make money on any upsells.

Offline, you could throw a free eating barbecue, maybe right outside your business. People tend to want to give back and most will shop there before they leave.

Online, you could give away an old product you created, but now you have upgraded it or added new features. Just give away the old version, and offer them the new one for a price. That is how this works in internet marketing.

What would make it any easier? What if you had products, someone else created, the upsells already there for you, and all you had to do was to hook up your links to them, and send them out? How many places could you send out these free giveaway products to?

Now, there is such a system in place. It is called Freebie Commissions, and it just launched. Now is the time to grab it at launch pricing.

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