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Amazon has opened up to help Service Businesses get more business.

If you have any type of service business, heads up! Amazon has opened it’s doors to helping you get more business!

What does this mean?

Well, suppose a customer orders a television from Amazon. Now, it needs to be installed. What Amazon has done is to charge the customer for the service, when they buy the television.

Next, Amazon goes down it’s lists of TV Installers, in that zip code. They send out a job requests to the providers in that area. They claim the job by bidding on it. The winner gets the text from amazon for the job.

Does this sound super easy or what?

Now, Amazon isn’t going to work with just anyone.

They have requirements for you to become a provider on their site. You must meet them all! And, you will go thru a background check, including any technicians you plan on sending out to do those jobs. Amazon will tell you if there is a problem.

This is a 600 Billion per year Industry. Wouldn’t you like a piece of it? Ask me how.

We are setting up out clients to be approved by Amazon for their program. We will also do maintenance to make sure everything is going fine.

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Service Type
Setting up a Service Business on Amazon
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Internet Easy Street,
20 Preble Street,Bingham,ME-04920,
Telephone No.2076726224
We are informing people of Amazon's Service Industry program , We are setting them up to be approved by Amazon for their program, as well as doing maintenance for our clients.

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